7 Secret Salon Marketing Ideas to Get More Clients

Are you searching for salon marketing ideas for your Salon or Beauty Parlour?

Do you want marketing strategies for salons and Beauty businesses?

I know you are facing lots of financial problems for the last year. It is very difficult to get new clients for your salon. Especially during this lockdown and Covid 19 scenario.

Have a look at the following Questions.

How to get more customers into your Beauty Salon and Beauty Parlour?

What are some good salon marketing ideas?

How can I promote my salon business to get more clients?  

If the above question looks familiar to you. This article will help you get answers to your questions

Let’s go to each salon marketing ideas & strategies one by one. With the help of these tips, you can build your own beauty salon marketing plan.

Here are 7 Salon Marketing Ideas

1. Service & Audience Segmentation (Types of clients in a salon)

First, you need to separate yourself from the crowd. 

Present yourself as a specialist in one service such as Bridal Makeup, Hairstyle or Nail Art. Along with your speciality, you can add on other supportive services.

People love to work with specialists. Suppose, if you have a heart problem, would you prefer a heart specialist or general doctor?

The same thing you can apply in your salon and beauty business.

Once you decide your speciality, then the next step is to find the ideal customer.

If everyone is your customer then no one is your customer.

You are making a big mistake If you are trying to sell your salon and beauty services to everyone.

Target the only customer related to your special beauty service.

Separate your customer based on your services and their problems such as Hair, Skin, Body And Nail art. Find out the Demographic (Age, Sex, Location, Job profile) & interest details about your customer. 

Pro Tip: On Facebook™ you can easily find the people who are interested in particular hair and beauty service

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2. Build Your Own Online Platform

If you don’t have a website for your salon or beauty parlour, then you are losing your potential clients. 

Nowadays most salon owners are trying to build their brand on special media or Free platforms (Google Business Website or Wix). Building your brand on such platforms is like building your own house on others’ land.

Do you remember Orkut, Yahoo and recently TikTok? 

In the coming day, some new platforms will replace Facebook™  and Instagram™.

Having your own website helps you build and track your potential customers. You can retarget them. You can attract your potential client by providing valuable information on your website.

Not only this you can build your sales funnel.

It’s like building your own online platform for your customers.

You can build your website at price less than the price of your smartphone. You can check Hostinger hosting which starts at just Rs.59 per month. This website is also hosted on Hostinger.

3. Build your Email List (Get Contact Details Of Your Clients)

Having the email Id and contact number of your client is a great asset for your business. You don’t need to depend on any social media platform to contact your clients.

You can directly send emails or messages regarding the latest trends, offers to your clients.

I know your next question will be how to collect contact details?

You can run paid ads to collect the email id and contact numbers of your potential customers.

You can Offer Free consultation or Haircuts at a lower price to attract your customers. 

Run Facebook™ ads or Google™ ads to promote your offer. So that your potential client will give you an email ID or contact number.

4. Build your online community

If you want to retain your current and new customers. Then you must have your own online community or group.

You can choose any platform like Facebook™ Group, WhatsApp™ group or Telegram™ group.

These platforms help you to communicate with your clients. You can ask questions, problems and pain points through these groups.

You can also promote your offers and discounts to your loyal customers.

You don’t need to use all these platforms at a time. Use the platform on which your potential client is hanging out.

5. Create Content to Educate Your client

The best way to engage your audience is to create content around your customer’s problems. Your content must educate and motivate your audience. 

It may be text, infographic images or videos. Choose any type co content as per your requirement.

Write articles on creating your customer problems and case studies about your satisfied customers. Create short before and after service videos for Instagram reel and Facebook page.

You can also create 10 to 15 min guidance videos on your youtube channel

People love to watch such content which helps them to solve their beauty problems.

All this content helps to engage your audience on your website and social media platforms free of cost. Because people love to share information in their friend circle.

But the most important thing is you need to be consistent in publishing content. For example, publish a minimum of two articles in a month or create two videos weekly

It will help you to get mouth publicity and build social proof.

6. Paid Ads Promotion (How to build salon clientele fast ?)

Along with your free traffic, you need to run paid ads to acquire new clients.

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the two best platforms to promote your salon and beauty business.

In Facebook ads, you can target your customer based on their interest and demographics. You will find a different interest-based audience such as hairstyle, makeup, etc.

In Google Ads, you can target your audience on a search term (keyword) basis. You need to find the right keyword that your audience is searching on google.

You can select any one paid platform as per your budget. 

Google ads are more expensive than Facebook ads because people are ready to acquire services. That’s why they are searching for services on google.

Pro Tip: Don’t promote your premium service directly using paid ads. It is a waste of money. People don’t hire your premium services directly.

7. Arrange Selfie Point in Your Beauty Salon

Getting your content viral on social media helps you to build your brand in the market.

A simple trick can help you to get viral.

Always ask your client to share his selfie or image after getting any beauty service at your salon or beauty parlour.

In fact, you can arrange a selfie point in your salon. Where your client can take a selfie and share it on their social media profile.

People love to share their new looks or any other personal achievement on social media. All social media platforms promote real images post organically. 

The more friends of your client engage with that selfie image post the more your brand gets attention

Pro Tip: To motivate your clients to share their selfies and about your salon, you can give them a 5% discount on their bills. It will give you a good ROI.


I hope the above salon marketing ideas & marketing strategies for salons help to solve your question: How to get new clients for your beauty business? These are simple yet powerful tips.

If you have any questions or need help from me or you want a perfect marketing plan and sales funnel for your beauty salon. 

Then we can arrange a FREE consultation call with you. I will be happier to help you.


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