5 Best Online Digital Marketing Courses-2021

Do you know?

How much time do you spend online or on social media every day?

According to www.broadbandsearch.net following state about the internet and social media usage by Continent

North America –  2 Hrs 6 min.

South America –  3 Hrs 24 min.

Africa –  3 Hrs 10 min.

Europe –  1 Hrs 15 min.

Asia –  2 Hrs 16 min.

The above states show that worldwide there are a lot of scopes to make a career in digital marketing. You can start your own online business or work as a freelancer

But digital marketing is a very wast field. There is huge information available on the internet about digital marketing.

As a beginner, you will get confused about What is the best online digital marketing course? And What is a Digital Marketing course all about?

To solve your problem, we have shortlisted the best online digital marketing courses for beginners. These courses are available at a minimum price. You can afford it. Most importantly you will get an overview of digital marketing.

Following are some benefits of these online courses

The prices of all following digital marketing courses are affordable to beginners. This means you don’t need to invest a huge amount. It is as same as your movie ticket.

You will get lifetime access to your course. So that you can learn at your own pace and understanding. You can watch each video as many times as you want.

You can access the course on any device desktop, laptop tablet, or mobile. There is no restriction. You can learn while traveling, having lunch, or having dinner. In short, it will save time.

After completing the course you will get the certificate. Assignments are given in the course to improve your skills. So that you will be ahead of other beginners. It will help you to get a job. or you can start as a freelancer.

The most important point is all courses have a risk-free 30-Day Money Back Guaranty. If you don’t like the course you can ask for a refund within 30 days.

Let’s go through the insight of each course one by one.

# The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1

You don’t need any prior experience in digital marketing to enroll in this course. That’s why more than 3.5 lakhs students get benefited with the help of this course.

This course is suitable for 

  • Who wants to start a career in digital marketing
  • Pre-launch business owners who don’t know where to get started
  • Website owners who are struggling to get traffic and sales
  • Anyone looking to start a pick up highly paid freelancing skills

In this course, you will get more than 22 hrs training. This includes a step-by-step practical blueprint to get master in 12 different modules of digital marketing.

Let’s dive through course content. It includes the following modules.

  • Market research: In this module, you will learn to do market research. How to validate your business ideas with the help of three simple questions.
  • Website: After completing this module you will build a world-class website without coding in less than 1Hr.
  • Email Marketing: With the help of this module you will build your customer’s email list. This helps you scale your business.
  • Copy Writing: This module teaches you how to write your sales pages.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: This module includes steps to drive free traffic to your website.
  • YouTube Marketing: It helps you  to make a simple how-to video’s to drive traffic and sales
  • Social Media Marketing: You can learn to promote your service and product on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Quora.
  • Linkedin Marketing. Go viral on Linkedin and 400x your connections.
  • App Marketing. You will discover 43 Ways To Promote Your App.
  • Google Adwords. It teaches you to avoid common mistakes and set up profitable campaigns the first time.
  • Facebook Ads. Make money with Facebook Ads without spending a fortune.
  • Google Analytics. You will learn to improve your marketing with Google Analytics data.

After completing this course you will have tremendous opportunities such as

  • A high paying job in digital marketing
  • You can grow your business online from scratch
  • You can work from as freelancer
  • Make money as affiliate marketing

# Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery 2021

This Facebook  Ads and Facebook marketing course is specially designed for

Small business owner

Bloggers who want to monetize their blog website

Online marketer

Advertising Managers

What will learn during  more than 11 hrs on-demand video training

 In this course, you will learn from basics to advance levels of skills regarding Facebook marketing.

Following are some key points of course content

  • How to connect with your prospects with lower ad costs with the help of Facebook ads.
  • To grow your sales funnel with the help of Facebook Marketing
  • You will master Facebook Ads Manager
  • How to use advance features of Facebook Ads Manager
  • Implementation of Facebook pixel and advance tracking strategies

This course is created by the CourseEnvey Ad agency.CourseEnvey Ad agency  has taught more than 2 lakhs students

# Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021: Profit with Pay Per Click

After Facebook Google ad is the most used paid ad.

If you have your own e-commerce shop, affiliate website, or blog then with the help of this course you can scale your sales.

You can also work as a Freelancer for Google Ads service provider.

The most important thing is that you don’t need any prior experience. The only things you need are your desktop or laptop with an internet connection.

You will learn the following skills regarding Google Ads during this training.

  • How to set up your AdWords account from scratch 
  • The theory behind successful online advertising 
  • What keywords are and how to use them to your advantage
  • How to set up conversion tracking and how to track phone calls from your website
  • How to track sales, revenue and form submissions using Google AdWords
  • How to take advantage of competitor reports and customer data in your campaigns
  • How to write and A/B test your ads 
  • How to increase Quality Score and decrease your cost per click
  • How to structure your account, campaigns, ad groups and keyword lists for optimal results
  • How to analyze keyword data in Excel to gain deeper insight into your data
  • How to use tools like SEMrush and Optmyzr to automate your optimization tasks and run better analyses 
  • How to monitor your campaign performance on a regular basis 
  • How to spot trouble in your account and what you need to do to fix it 
  • How to understand your customers from a psychological level 
Google Ads 1
Google Ads 2

# YouTube Masterclass – Your Complete Guide to YouTube

This course is a complete guide to launch your youtube channel, get more views and build your brand with videos

YouTube masterclass course is suitable for

  • Any beginner who would like to start a Youtube channel from scratch.
  • YouTubers who struggling to get views
  • Online marketer or trainer who wants to build their brand with the help of youtube

This course has some basic requirements such as you must have a google account. And you should have some idea about the youtube platform. The following snap shows you modules of this course

Youtube udemy course

You will learn the following skills after completing this course

  • Start a channel from scratch
  • Get views without subscribers
  • Turn viewers into subscribers
  • Create videos on a budget
  • Navigate the YouTube platform
  • Become a YouTube Partner
  • Post and optimize your video with great titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails
  • Grow your brand through YouTube videos
  • Improve your channel by using analytics
  • Make money with your YouTube videos – with ads, products and services, sponsors, and crowdfunding
  • Use best practices for creating and growing a YouTube channel

# Blogging Masterclass: How To Build A Successful Blog In 2021

If you would like to make money online. Then your blog website is a strong foundation of a long-term online money-making system.

This course helps you to build a blog to promote your content, email list building, and monetization.

The only requirement of this course is that you should take action as given in training. You don’t need any prior experience.

You will learn the following skills during this course.

  • How to build a blog from scratch.
  • How to bring your existing blog to the next level.
  • How to find a profitable and interesting blogging niche.
  • To develop a successful blogger’s mindset.
  • How to find the content idea for your blog.
  • How to build a beautiful WordPress blog website.
  • Understanding the importance of better content writing
  • To optimize your website for search engine optimization.
  • How to grow your email list with your blog.
  • How to promote your content for free.
  • How to build a business around your blog.
Udemy Blogging Course


 I will recommend you to first enroll in The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1.

Then once you understand all modules of digital marketing. Then you can specialize in any one skill. It may be Facebook Ad, Google Ad, Youtube marketing, or Blogging.

But focus on one skill for the next 6 months. Once you master one skill start the monetize that skill and reinvest to learn more.

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