The Unconventional Guide On Digital Marketing for Beginners

Tring… Tring…

My mobile was ringing. It was my friend’s call.

I picked up the call and got a flurry of questions from him.

What is Digital Marketing?

Which hosting should I buy?

How much budget should I need for website development and digital marketing? 

How to promote business online?

How to create a Brand?

In short, he wants a guide on Digital Marketing for Beginners.

I think for a while. Then said

Wait Wait…

I will explain to you all things from scratch.

And I discussed with him the following points

  • The fundamentals of marketing
  • Digital Marketing vs.Traditional marketing.
  • CATT Marketing Funnel
  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint

That conversation cleared his all doubts regarding digital marketing & personal branding. 

If you would like to start a career in digital marketing or would like to start an online business. Then go through this article where I have shared our conversation. 

It will help you.

Are you ready?                                                              

Let’s go…

Before starting your Digital marketing career or online business. You don’t need to not worry about the hosting, domain, social media, Facebook & Google ads.

Digital marketing is just a platform to do marketing and selling your product or service.

That’s it.

First, you need to understand the fundamentals and laws of marketing.

# The Fundamentals of Marketing

digital marketing for beginners

The first step in marketing is to understand who is your ideal or target customer. And second is to find out your customer’s needs and pain points.

Ask the following two questions to yourself before starting anything. 

Who is it for?


What is it for?

If you think everyone is your customer, then no one is your customer.

Marketing starts before creating a product. If you know your target customer then you can create a product that will help them to solve their problems.

Marketing is a PROCESS by which

Companies produce a solution >> PRODUCT/SERVICE

To customers problem >> NEED/DEMAND/WANT

 For which customer pays back >> REVENUE

And at the end RELATIONS are built.

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers”

Seth Godin

Marketing is a communication process. You need to send the right message to the right people at the right time.

The more you interact with your audience the more you get information about them. it will help you build your product as per your customer’s need.

But keep in mind never give more importance to marketing than your products. A great product sells itself.

If your customers like your product, they will definitely recommend your products to other people.You need a great product and marketing helps people to discover your product. 

The Advertising, Copy writing and Sales are the components of marketing.

 # Digital Marketing  V/S  Traditional Marketing

From our childhood, we are used to Television, Radio, and Newspaper. 

It makes you habitual to watch ads on these traditional media. When you think to promote your product or service your subconscious mind brings these mediums in front of you.

In this digital era, you need to understand the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing.

In traditional marketing, you show your ads to your audience while they are watching their favorite television, movies, or while listening to music on the radio. 

But actually, you are interrupting your audience. They are interested in watching their favorite show or movies. So most of the time they ignore your ads. 

Nowadays due to the internet and smartphone, everything is just one click away. If we want any product or service we can easily search for it on Google, Facebook, and other online platforms.

It’s very easy to reach our target audience with the help of digital marketing.

Let’s see the major difference between Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing with the help of “3T” (Its Dan Lok Concept)


In digital marketing, you can easily target your audience with the help of a specific keyword which he is using to search for any service or product. In Facebook ads you can target your audience with demographic and interest.

On another hand in Traditional Marketing it is not possible to target a specific audience.


You can track your all results with the help of google analytics and Facebook ads insights. You easily understand that you are getting results or not. 

It helps you build your marketing strategies.

In traditional marketing, you can’t measure results specifically. That increases your advertising and marketing budget.


In Digital Marketing you can easily change your ads anytime. You can also do split testing which will help you to understand the best working advertisement. It is more flexible.

But this is not the case in traditional marketing. Once you publish your ad in Newspaper, Television, or any other traditional platform, it’s very difficult to make changes as per our requirement. 

Buy Wait…

 There are two major disadvantages of Digital Marketing.

First is the competition in digital marketing is very high because everyone has the same power of the internet and knowledge. Even a 17 years boy can compete with you with the help of the internet and laptop. 

The second disadvantage is Digital marketing is continuously changing. If you want to compete in this field you must be ready to learn new things every day. It’s an everyday learning process.

# CATT Marketing Funnel

To get success in Digital marketing you should have a roadmap & strategy to convert your ideal target audience into loyal customers.

Don’t worry… Here is the best strategy for you.

You can follow the CATT Marketing Funnel given below. I learned this funnel from my mentor Digital Deepak (Deepak Kanakraju). 

C-Content >> A-Attention >> T-Trust >> T-Transaction


Creating content around your customer pain points and problems is the first step to start your marketing campaign. 

You can make any type of content such as Blog,Video,Info graphics, Social Media posts,Podcast or slide presentation.

Your content must solve your customers’ problems. It is the first touch point with your customer so it must be customer oriented. Don’t share anything about you.

People don’t care about any company or service provider, they care about them self.


After  creating the content, the next step is to drive the attention of your audience to your content. You can use free and paid methods to drive traffic to your content.

Best free methods are Search Engine Optimization, Social media optimization. Posting your content on free online communities related to your audience. You can also share it on your personal social media profiles.

In paid methods you can use Google Ads and Facebook ads. These two methods provide you specific target options as per your audience demographic and interest.

This is an important step because if your audience likes your content he will get engaged with you. It will help you build relationships with your audience. 


Providing value to your customer and solving their problem is the best way to build trust in your customer mind. You can start with a free service or discount offer.

You can also create a low priced product, the price may be $1. This small price product creates less barrier entry points for your customer.

You can also use email automation and re-targeting campaigns to build trust with the customers that have used your free service or trial.


Once your customer purchases your tripwire (low priced) product. It’s your responsibility to provide them more value than what they have paid.

If you continuously communicate with your audience and take care about him by providing more value every time. He will become your loyal brand ambassador of your product.

It’s a long term relationship. With this you can sell your product or service naturally.

# Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing is the marketing strategy which will help you to get your desired results. The main elements of Integrated Digital Marketing are

  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertising
  • Email Marketing 
  • Sell & Convert

Let’s go through each element one by one

Content Marketing:

The whole Integrated Digital marketing system is based on Quality content. First you need to create content around your targeted audiences problem.

Your content must help your audience to solve their problem. The content may be a Blog, or a video or podcast. It depends on your skill sets.

In short you have to re-purpose your content with the help of other elements of Integrated Digital Marketing system.

Once you create a piece of content, the next step is to promote your content. You can use other following elements to promote your content.

Search Engine Optimization:

Nowadays if we want some information regarding anything, we just go to Google search engine. People use Google to find the solution for their problem.

During this process if your content gets displayed in front of your audience, your audience will definitely consume your content. 

Google ranks your content as per the quality and contents relativity with search terms or keywords. So help people to solve their problem and Google helps you to reach your audience.

Social Media:

People love to share the new information and personal events on social media. Especially on Facebook and WhatsApp.

You need to post your content on your Facebook business page or Facebook Group. If your audience loves your content they will defiantly share your content with their friends.

The basic algorithm of all social media is like this. If people use a particular social media platform to consume your content then the social media platform also boosts your content to a similar audience.

In a nutshell you have to keep people on particular social media platforms as long as possible.

Paid Ads:

Suppose you are attending your friend’s party and an unknown salesman came to you to sell their product. Definitely you won’t buy from him rather you will ignore or avoid him.

Same things happen with your online ads. Your ads are interrupting your audience. That’s why they will ignore your ads.

The best way to avoid this is promote your content through your paid ads. People will definitely engage with your ads if they find a solution to their problem. 

Always use your ads to bring your audience to your CATT funnel. Try to collect the emails of your audience with the help of your free content.

That’s how you can convert your paid audience into an owned audience. 

Email Marketing:

You can promote your content and products to your owned audience through email marketing.

You can make your email sequence funnel to sell your service or drive traffic to your website. It’s also call as permission marketing.

While consuming your content your audience submits their email to you. This is the first step to get one to one conversation with your audience. But don’t spam them with sales emails.

It should be a balance of value adding content and your product or service sales emails.

One more thing, don’t buy an email list. It won’t work for you as that email list doesn’t know you. So they will ignore your emails.

Sales & Covert: 

As you are using each mentioned element to get engaged with your audience. Now they are familiar with you and your content. 

They know that you can solve their problem and help them to improve. 

At that time you can start to promote your tripwire or low price product. Once they start a transaction, you can promote them to a high ticket or core product.

It’s a process or journey from an unknown person to a loyal customer and you should follow each step given in Integrated Digital Marketing.

# Personal Branding -Mass Trust Blueprint:

A person likes to interact with likeminded people.

That’s why personal branding is the most important concept in digital marketing.

You can become a best friend of your audience with the help of personal branding. Your personal brand helps you to sell your service or product.

Even you can promote your startup or company with the help of your personal brand.

But you need to follow the steps given below to grow as personal brand.

Let’s see each step in detail.

# Learn:

To become a personal brand in any niche first you need to become expert in that niche. So learning is the first step towards your personal brand.

You must learn first the fundamental and basic concept of any skill. Then you need to understand the facts about the skill. After that you need to practice that skill.

If you want to become successful in digital marketing then you should make a habit of continuously learning new thing every day.

# Work:

Implementation is the key to get benefit from your learning.

If you put your learning in your work, job or freelancing. It will help you get a better understanding of any skill.

You should do what you learn in real or live projects. If you are not implementing then there is no use of your learning.

# Blog:

Learning and implementation gives you new experience and best way to share your experience is to write about it.

Writing about your experience or case study is the important step to grow as a personal brand. Start your blog around your niche.

People will consume your content and consider you as an authority person in your niche. Blog helps you to build your tribe and community.

# Consultation:

The next step to grow your personal brand is to start helping or guiding to your audience to solve their problem.

The best way to do this is start consulting. It may be one to one or one to many. You don’t need to work with them.

Just give them a guide line or path to follow. Once they know that you can help them they will refer you to other people.

# Mentoring:

Helping people, who would like to become like you will drive your personal brand to the next level.

This will help you to understand your niche deeply. Mentoring is the best way to update and upgrade you as per latest trends.

# Startup & Business:

Last step is to monetize your personal brand. You can start your own business or startup depending on your work and teaching experience.

You can also launch your SAS or other digital products and services.

At the end you should earn through your skill and personal brand. It will motivate you to work hard and help other people.

I hope this article clears your all doubts regarding digital marketing and personal brand.If you want one to one free consultation to grow your business online.

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